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Credal Networks for Adaptive Testing.
Alessandro Antonucci, PhD Claudio Bonesana, MSc Francesca Mangili, PhD


A Bayesian approach for comparing cross-validated algorithms on multiple data sets.
Giorgio Corani, PhD Alessio Benavoli, PhD


A Bayesian network learning and inference package.
Mauro Scanagatta, MSc


An algorithm for approximated credal network inferences.
Alessandro Antonucci, PhD David Huber, MSc


Upper and lower probabilities computation for non-separately specified, non-binary credal networks.
Alessandro Antonucci, PhD

Hierarchical BN parameter estimation

Hierarchical Multinomial-Dirichlet model for the estimation of conditional probability tables.
Laura Azzimonti, PhD Giorgio Corani, PhD

IDP Statistical Package

Bayesian nonparametric version of the most used frequentist tests.
Alessio Benavoli, PhD Francesca Mangili, PhD Giorgio Corani, PhD


The multilabel naive credal classifier.
Alessandro Antonucci, PhD


Impact on place of death in cancer patients: a causal exploration in southern Switzerland.

David Huber, MSc Nicola Vermes, MSc Giorgio Corani, PhD